Custom Wedding Songs



Now the fun begins!

Who? When? Where? What… music??

Ever considered a personal composer? 

Hi. My name is Kim and I write professional wedding songs. Whether for your processional or first dance- why play someone else’s love song, when you have one of your own just waiting to be discovered?

The process is simple.

Tell me your love story! Memorable moments!
I do the rest.
Compose “your” song!
Book studio/studio tech
Record song
Provide radio quality product

  Tier 1: *$2999 inclusive *(multilevel tier options available upon request)

“may you dance to the song of your heart forever” 

♪♫ ♪♫


It’s official!

Your dream. Your attire. Your venue. Your guests. Your colours. Your moment. Your …wedding song?

What if you could have your own wedding song?

The process is simple.

  • Tell me your story.
  •  I will compose “your” song
  1. Book a studio/ tech
  2. Provide an acoustic radio quality recording.* (* additional options on request)

Total Cost:  $2999.

Imagine… walking down the aisle, your first dance or, however you desire: just the two of you, and a wedding song no one has ever heard before… because you made it your own!

Let’s talk music!